Heading Towards Another Frosty Adventure


Disney’s  Frozen ll came out last November and blew people away with the comedy and the fantasy You can find Frozen ll on Disney Plus, on dvd, on Vudu, and Amazon Prime. This movie is better than all fantasy movies because of the actors, settings, and the costumes. Nice sentence here

The actors played their role full of life and energy. The main characters were Olaf (Josh Gad), Elsa (Indina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell, and Kristoff(Johnathan Groff). Many new characters were introduced in the movie.Lieutenant Mattias was played by Sterling K. Brown. Lieutenant Mattias is described as a faithful, kindhearted and loyal man. Sterling Brown fits this role perfectly with his voice.  Iduna is mentioned again after dying in the first movie. She is played by Evan Wood. Iduna is seen as a child, and was energetic and peppy. This fits perfectly with Evan Wood’s voice because she creates Iduna to be energetic but still motherly. “My favorite actor was Josh Gad,” sixth grader Emma Socoteanu said. “He played Olaf and he made Olaf be funny and energetic throughout the movie.” 

  The setting set the whole mood during the movie. The kingdom of Arendelle was on a snowy mountain on a fjord. Later in the movie the director introduces a new setting. The enchanted forest is full of life and wonder. It shows how fun and magic it really is. The forest is filled with spirits and colorful leaves. The Animation team does a good job making it look majestic but very mystical. “ I really liked the enchanted forest,” Emma said. “ The forest was filled with beautiful colors and very majestic,” Finally the costumes completed the look of  each character and matched the mood of  the story. Each costume was made exactly and perfectly for each character and their personality. For example the costume director added pants underneath their dresses so they could be more active without showing anything.The outfits in Frozen ll are more realistic  than the ones from the original Frozen movie.  In the movie Anna the costume director gives her a Norwegian look. She wears more heavier clothes like wool and velvet which makes her less playful. Elsa wears a light blue tailored coat paired with a double paneled coat. Since she is still queen she is given snowflake encrusted shoulders to show that she is higher rank. The costume director makes the costumes look realistic when Elsa goes in the water and shows that it is dripping wet. Near the end Elsa has a quick costume change and changes into a beautiful white dress. The dress was off the shoulder and the hem of the dress was the crystals of the spirits. She wore teal pants under her dress.The costume director did a phenomenal job with the costumes making them look realistic. “My favorite dress was the one Elsa wore at the end,” Emma Socoteanu said. “I liked it because it was beautiful and I loved the detail on it.”

Watching the movie brings sad and happy tears to your eyes. It is unforgettable and the best fantasy movie yet. The costumes, actors, and the setting made the movie come to live. “I laughed so hard I dropped my popcorn all over my friends but we are going back to see it again,” said Emma Socoteanu.