The Language of COVID 19

Even Urban Dictionary couldn’t have predicted these editions.


New Words Every American now knows

  • Coronacation (noun)-What you may be doing right now-staying home because Coronavirus cancelled everything forcing you to stay right where you are.

Panther Nation is all about a staycation, but we are about tired of this coronacation.

  • Cornacancelled-(transitive verb)-shut down, cancelled, rendered non-existent. In plain English-NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

The Prom that we have been adamantly planning has sadly been coronacancelled

  • Covid-10 (noun) the 10 pounds you’ve gained sitting at home eating chips and cupcakes.

You’ve heard of the freshman 15. Well, it has nothing on the Covid-10.

  • Covidiot (noun)-person who despite all evidence to the contrary continues to behave as if there is no pandemic. Alternative: Moronavirus or simply Morona 

I really thought teens were smart, especially Panthers, but some have been going to large gatherings without any protective gear-what a covidiot!!!

  • Coronababy- (noun)-a baby conceived during quarantine.

Honestly, does this need a sentence? Social distancing means literally folks. 

  • Doom scrolling (verb)-the act of refreshing news feeds to read the news about the pandemic.

I was going to put my phone down today, but if I am not able to doom scroll I get very anxious. 

  • Quaranteam-(verb) A group of friends with whom you chose to social distance.

I love my family but I’m staying at school to quaranteam with my pals.

  • Quaranteen–(noun)-an angry teenager who is stuck at home with his siblings and parents. 

A Quaranteen should be approached with the utmost caution, they are potentially dangerous.

  • Toilet paper panic-(noun)-the utter panic over where your next roll of toilet paper is coming from.

Even with 100 rolls on hand, I am in full toilet paper panic when I see empty shelves at Walmart.

  • Zoom-bombed-(verb) when a parent enters a child’s room while they are  Zooming a class and forgetting that they are in pajamas and no makeup.

OMG my mom just Zoom-bombed my History class, silly girl. 

  • Zump-(verb) being dumped via Zoom.

It’s bad enough that we are through but I  just got zumped by my boyfriend!