Senior Spotlight: Hope Haney

Congratulations Class of 2020


Although this semester has been far from hopeful for the class of 2020, one senior has, well…Hope. Hope for a bright future as she plans on attending Mary Hardin Baylor University and earning a medical degree and eventually using it for mission work all over the world. According to her mother, junior high teacher Melissa Haney, Hope discovered a love for missions when she went to Guatemala in her eighth-grade year and worked with special needs children at an orphanage there. She also went with New Beginnings Baptist Church to Spain her sophomore year and partnered with a church there helping with VBS and evangelism. This past spring break, she had the opportunity to do outreach up and down the Amazon River and got home just as the pandemic was happening here in America.

It is not just mission work that brings Haney such hope. Throughout her junior high and high school years, she has always had a passion for the Blue Brigade Band. 


“She loved playing the French Horn but more than that, she loved her band family. She especially loved her section, which she served as section leader for the past two years,” Melissa Haney posted on Facebook on the Adopt a Spring Hill Senior site. 


However, according to Hope, anything that happened during 5th period her Senior year takes her spot as “favorite memories”. Topping the list of unexpected favorites, however, is when she found herself in an unlikely place, the woodshop.


“My favorite memory is getting nicely “kicked out” of AP chemistry with Mrs. Gathright and having no other option but woodshop,” Hope said. “I ended up loving it and loving Coach Pool so much.”


Haney would like to give a special thanks to Angus Pool for the memories. 


“Omg COACH POOL!!!!! Thank you for making my senior year so fun and being my friend! One of the things I’m gonna miss the most is talking about life with you every day in 5th period,” Hope said.


She also fondly remembers and thanks, other special teachers. 


“Mrs. Gathright you are my all-time favorite ever. Ever since her sophomore year you’ve always been there for me and helped me make decisions when I was stressed.  Haha!” Haney said. Thank you for all of the birthday and holiday treats that you didn’t have to give me,  but you did. They were very much appreciated. And thank you for everything you’ve taught me, and not just bio and chem.”


“Also, thank you to Mrs. McFatridge for being one of the sweetest people that  I’ve ever met. I love you and will miss you so much too.”


Hope says that this experience has taught her many things, but most importantly to make every minute count.


“Live like every day is your last because you never know when it will be,” Haney added.


In addition to the band, Hope served on the student council, National Honor Society, and on the Spring Hill Bank Board. To all future Seniors, Haney gives this advice. 

“Soak it all in and lead well. Never take this last year of your high school life for granted. Y’all are gonna do great!”