Playing for Number 13


Photographer: Anessa Barnhill

Brock Martin and Brody Barnhill smile together after the game in which Barnhill played wearing Martin’s jersey.

During the soccer season, Brock Martin, number 13, had to drop out due to health issues. He had multiple seizures on the field. “Ultimately, I had to put my health first. I love soccer and I love my team, but a good player knows his limits,” Brock said.

However, number 13 is not forgotten by his team. Before Brock had decided to stop playing for the season, his teammate Brody Barnhill left his position as goalie to play on the field. Since Brock couldn’t play, Brody wore his jersey. “I wanted to represent Brock as still part of the team,” Brody said. “He worked hard this season, and it was only right to keep 13 on the field.”

Brock does his best to make it to all the games and support his team. He is still a valued player, even if his energy comes from the sidelines supporting.