Flying High: Spring Hill High School Student is Accepted into Air Force Academy

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

Good news is something every single person wants to receive. No matter what it may be, good news is always outstanding. On Wednesday, here at Spring Hill High School, one of our very own students received probably some of the best news of his life. Being accepted into the Air Force Academy, or any military branch for that matter, is an extremely daunting task, and requires much effort. Senior Bryce Wallace knows this fact greatly, as for over a year he has been applying to get into the Air Force Academy. Well his dreams were accomplished, as he received news that he has finally been accepted in.

“So the Air Force motto, which the academy instills,” said Bryce Wallace, “is integrity first, service before self, and excellence. So those values attracted me the most.”

Bryce Wallace would go on to talk about how much the academy helps with character growth, leading, and even having an ivy-level education.

Applying into the Air Force Academy is a much different process than applying for a college like UT Tyler or University of Texas.

“I’ve had a lot, you know, I have had to do a PT Test School, training, and that’s a mile, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, all that. You know you have to do a medical evaluation, you got to get your prostate exams and all that,” said Wallace.

Throughout the very thorough and detailed application process, which included training, educational training, and medical evaluations, Bryce Wallace has continuously received tremendous support and leadership through his father and mother. His father was in the Air Force as well.

“So this is something my dad has made very clear,” said Wallace, “he said, ‘listen I don’t want you going into the military just because of me.  And you know, he has pushed me to do whatever I wanted, he’s just been supportive, as well as my mother though it all.”

Even though his father and his father’s fiance have been through military branches, Bryce Wallace is not only pursuing this path just because they have. He is pursuing this because he wants to make an impact and carve his own path. This is something he has worked extremely hard for and is dedicated to it.

Bryce Wallace was able to find out Wednesday morning that he had been accepted, and rightfully so was filled up with plenty of emotions, and excitement.

“So I got the E-Mail this morning. It’s like, ‘Dear William. This is from the United States Air Force Academy, this is urgent. There was this link, and when I clicked on it , it’s like ‘Congratulations, on behalf of the superintendent are pleased that you’re accepted in to the Air Force Academy,” said Wallace.

When asked if he could sum up how he felt about this Wallace replied with, “I would say humbled. Yeah, yeah overwhelmed, but humbled.”

This an extremely outstanding achievement for Bryce Wallace, and us here at Spring Hill are very proud for him. Through long hours of training physically and mentally, Wallace’s goal has finally been achieved. He’s had great support through his family, he would go on and say that his mom broke down in tears when she heard the news, because of how proud she is of him. To be accepted into the Air Force Academy is extremely tough as only 12% make it through. Here at Spring Hill, it is with great pride and happiness that our very own Panther Bryce Wallace is making it into the Academy. We all know he’ll succeed greatly in all of his future endeavors.