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Valentine Garcia works to prepare foods in culinary arts

Around the World in 40 minutes

YBA honors teachers with banquet and 10 extra minutes at lunch

February 20, 2020

Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Service, Culinary Arts: Not your typical Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. But, at Spring Hill High School these courses are a critical part of the Career and Technology Education department’s varied pathways to obtain career readiness. 


Courses in the Business and Industry Endorsement are designed to help young students see the career opportunities and experience real-life situations in which business and hospitality/service industry traits are used.


The SHHS Faculty and Staff are invited to attend a Trip Around the World, an annual luncheon promoted, budgeted, prepared, and served by the Young Business Association and The Culinary Arts classes, under the direction of Mrs. Holly Whittington, Young Business Association sponsor.


“We feel it is important to put our skills into practice,” sponsor Whittington said. “There is no better way than to show the faculty how much we appreciate all that they do for us.”


Mrs. Whitt, lovingly nicknamed by students, gives students the opportunity to participate in many ways. Not only do her young entrepreneurs operate a coffee shop on campus, The Spill, but also manage a school store, The Prowl, with various school supplies and snacks along with teaching direct instruction on business practices and entrepreneurship as a whole.  


“ I cooked the rice and macaroni,”  senior Damian White said. “ I am in the principles of business and finance class so I did not plan the menu, only looked at prices and gave service to making it happen.”


Today’s feast will include door prizes from cuisines around the world as well as passports for teachers to enter the event. 

Fun from Around the World

Thanks YBA and Culinary Arts

The aroma of foods from around the world filled the library today as teachers took part in the annual luncheon hosted by YBA. The event featured foods from Asia, Mexico, Italy, Great Brittain, and of coarse, Texas. Teachers were able to feast on everything from bar-b-que to egg rolls and everything in between. This was not only a spread of appreciation but an opportunity for young business associates to put all that they have learned into practice.

“This luncheon made me understand work ethic,” Anna Grace Hammer said. “Some of the jobs are fun, like picking the theme and making the invitations, but others require lots of work, like cooking and serving. In this Career Prep class, Mrs. Whitt teaches us that in the real world you have to do things you don’t like sometimes. You have to do what is required and have to smile. It is all about attitude and being responsible to your boss and crew.”

Faculty members were appreciative of the feast and enjoyed the pampering.

“These eggrolls are delicious,” Telia Washington said. “I especially like dressing from Sumo as well.”

Shelby Kirby thanked all the faculty for their hard work and drew for door prizes, coupons to The SPill, as a special treat.

“We just wanted to thank you for coming and let you know you are appreciated,” Kirby said. “You have allowed us to really see what it takes to put on a luncheon from beginning to end.”

Students learned what it means to serve and be hospitable. One student came around and serviced tables for drinks while other refilled plates and asked about the service and the food. This practicum, enriched by the collaboration with Mrs. Rhetta Collier and the Culinary Arts class, allowed students to learn while doing.


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