Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

Panther Nation its that time of the year again. As the weather starts to warm up again and we enter spring, baseball/softball season falls upon us. Your very own Panthers baseball team and Lady Panthers softball team have their eyes set towards the prize, and are ready to hit it out of the park once again this year. They’re not here to disappoint Spring Hill, they’re here to represent this school proudly and show of their hard work. And especially, they’re ready to show how much of a team they are and how much they can cooperate with one and another.

Hard work and team work is the two major factors for both the baseball teams and the softball teams. After a long off season, hours upon hours of working on their craft, it has finally come full circle. As it’s time for “America’s favorite pastime,” to be proudly shown off here at Spring Hill.

The Panthers boys baseball team started off great yesterday, as all of the teams won their preseason games. Freshman won 13-4. JV dominated, winning 19-1. Varsity played a shutout, winning 6-0.

The Lady Panthers started off strong as well winning 4-0 in their first game.

This tremendous start for both teams should show greatly how dedicated and prepared these Panthers are to win. They are all ready to show off the hard work and effort they have put in over the last few months. They are ready to make every one in Panther Nation proud. So get out there and support the Panthers Baseball team and the Lady Panthers Softball team this season.