Spanish 3: Not just a bunch of “Habla”

Story by: Sara Alligood, Photographer

Spanish Three is an advanced measure course of the foreign language. Part of the course work involves conversational phrases that revolve around community and service work. Becky Peurifoy, lead Spanish teacher, is no stranger to either of these. Growing up in Argentina in a missionary family the language and the leadership is an integral part of her character that she hands on to her students, through opportunity and example.

“Caring and Sharing is a community outreach open on Mondays and Tuesdays located in South Longview across from LeTourneau University,” Peurifoy said. “Local families can come and get clothing and other household items on a needs basis.”

Many clients of the mission speak Spanish,  and this project allows students to utilize their newly acquired skills and to help expand Spring Hills community service.

“It is a great opportunity for kids to see how conversational Spanish differs from the textbook in a practical setting,” Peurifoy added. “This real-life experience is something you just don’t get in a textbook.”

According to Bailey Ratcliff, the fluent Spanish speakers from class served as hosts for the event. The leaders modeled proper etiquette and communication skills.

“I learned that the mission does not only serve low socioeconomic clients,” Ratcliff added. “They also help those with disabilities and handicaps. It was very eye-opening.”