Jea' Mya Fitzpatrick

Jea' Mya Fitzpatrick

Spring Hill Celebrates Black History Month

Spring Hill is prepared for a great month of February not just for Valentine’s Day, but more importantly for our country, with Black History Month. We celebrate it in February because Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas birthdays are during this month. Black History Week started in 1926, but Black History Month started 200 years after our independence in 1976.

“ I am proud to participate with my class,”Coach Wells said. “I celebrate with Henrietta Lacks and she plays a big role in my love for Biology as she spent her life dedicated to Biology.”

Coach Wells is a new coach and teacher here at Spring Hill and she feels like she needs to do more not just by herself, but with her students. Jea’Mya Fitzpatrick is a student of Coach Wells and is planning to do stuff on her own.

“ I love this month and I get to celebrate it with my family.” Freshman Jea’Mya said. “ I feel like we need to do more around our school because this is a big month.”

Jea’Mya,  her older brother at the high school and her friend Donato feels like we are doing some things but we should do a bit more.

“ I don’t like to do much this month but I like having the respect everybody has this month.“ Freshman Donato Giordano said. “I feel like I should do more and more around the school to show my respect.”

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