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Mrs. Drueckhammer answers questions about Black History Month February 6, 2020 at Springhill Highschool

Springhill’s Actions Towards Black History

To commemorate and celebrate the contribution to our nation made by the people of African descent, Black history month was established in February 1969. Annually, the people of our country remember the hardships Black Americans had to face, and the achievements that they reached.

Spring Hill High School faculty and students share their knowledge and insight about black history and try to raise awareness to those who are not familiar with the subject.

I absolutely think it is important for us to recognize Black History Month, both as a campus and as a society,” history teacher and Leaders’ Core instructor Emmie Drueckhammer said. “ As Americans, it is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of African Americans to our overall history, and to understand the major obstacles African Americans overcame to make these contributions.”

The student body also recognizes the importance of this month. 

“Black history month is about celebration and respect,” junior Julya Socoteanu said. “Black Americans have the opportunity to celebrate the things they have done , while other races in America have the opportunity to respect the black community and their significance to America; it should not be looked over or looked down on. 

Projects and assignments have been implemented in the curriculum of quite a few organizations within the school with Leaders’ Core being one of them.

“Leaders’ Core has created a display for the hallway near the cafeteria,” history teacher and Leaders’ Core instructor Emmie Drueckhammer said. It features a variety of important figures surrounding Black History and their achievements.

In addition to the Leaders’ Core organization, Student Council, who are a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities, cover daily morning announcements. Throughout the month of February the students have been adding an extra bit of information to give insight to the students about black history.

“ I am doing the announcements this month and I read a daily quote from an African American who has impacted history,” junior Julya Socoteanu said. “I think the quotes are a good idea because I believe that black Americans should be recognized by the students for how hard they’ve fought against oppression and the things they did for our country that have gone unrecognized in past centuries.” 

With continuous recognition given by teachers and organizations throughout the campus for the black contributors to our society, Spring Hill students believe that a message should be given so that it can be remembered why we celebrate what we do. 

“ We indeed support what the movements and contributors did in their times, and we should look to the future or those who haven’t been guaranteed the uninfringed human rights, will never get them, junior Eduardo Flores said. “It starts at the smallest level.”

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