We got the power!

Panther Powerlifting Team gets a win!!!

Anna Adams

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February 20, 2020

Photographer: Katie Bilingslea

Michael Marrs displays the winning plaque.

The powerlifting season has begun. Boys and girls teams will be competing through the winter in various strength contest. So far, The Spring Hill Powerlifting Team has competed in Van on January 25, 2020.  They competed in many different divisions.  Hard work paid off for the Panthers! Resulting in :

  • Jacob Kimbrough- 3rd Place 275 Division
  • Brandon Krenek- 3rd Place 242 Division
  • Ale Guerrero- 2nd Place 123 Division
  • Michael Marrs- 1st Place 198 Division
  • Rachael Petree- 1st Place 295 Division
  • Carson Manasse- 1st Division SHW Division

The Panthers had a great showing at Sabine High School last year on Feb 2nd. The boys’ team placed 3rd overall. Strength and endurance will be our goal as we take on the Sabine meet again this Saturday.