GLOBE Welcomes Juniors at Annual Career Expo


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Ethan Foster is dressed for success at the annual Expo.

The Greater Longview Organization for Business and Education welcomes juniors from area schools for a face to face opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and begin networking with local colleges, businesses, and military representatives. GLOBE and LEDCO see this event as an opportunity to look at different career paths and college requirements versus salary and expected benefits before locking in on a decision. 

“This might be a monumental day for you,” said the opening speaker. “Today you might find a career that you never knew existed.”

Spring Hill High School joined Gladewater, White Oak, and Hallsville early January 30th for an hour-long rotation at Maude Cobb Activity Complex. According to the students from Spring Hill, the event was helpful in many aspects, most importantly learning about opportunities.

“I learned that LeTourneau University has special scholarships available for students that take Dual Credit from the university,” Tai Reed said. ” I am currently a dual credit student and that was appealing to me. I also learned that LETU does not offer a degree in my field of interest, Occupational Therapy.”

Some were surprised by the education needed for careers. 

“I talked to Kilgore College about the automotive mechanic industry,” Brian Vaca said. “I was surprised that the field does not require a four-year degree, but rather a 2-year certificate. The program at KC is geared for students that work part-time and go to school part-time- offering evening classes.”

Students learned that The City of Longview employes many people in a variety of different jobs.

“I found out about structural engineering and how the city planner and the city works departments work together to build bridges and keep roads safe and sturdy,” Aaron Collier said. “I never thought about how many people it takes to make a city run.”