Friday nights with the Blue Brigade

Kicking the turf, playing music across the field, lighting up the stands, and cheering the players on. No other band is like Spring Hill’s.  They are working hard machines. They have this great bond and know how to work as a team, but let’s not forget the great exciting things they can’t wait to do.

Junior trumpet player, Ally Kokenzie said, “ Friday nights are really fun, the most exciting thing would be third and fourth quarter because it’s so laid back and chill.”

Not only our band performs at the football game, but so do other schools.

Saxaphone player Grace Iltis said, “It’s somewhat competitive, we are usually the biggest band at any game we go to, so that makes us look intimidating.” They treat each other with respect and somewhat are friends.

The most thing they like to compete against another band is the last three notes of ESPN. Whoever can play it louder, bigger and better. 

Spring Hill made it to the playoffs since 2007 and won their first round. They attended the second round on Friday November 22nd. The Blue Brigade was on the road with them to cheer them on.

Senior Percussionist Kelsey Bell said, “I think it was a fun experience because we’ve never been before; we are super proud of our football team.”