Service and Citizenship at SHJH

 Spring Hill Junior High is participating in the Christmas Shoe Box project. The project is for students to come together and put everyday essentials in boxes and send them to children who can’t get them otherwise. The things we take for granted are things others are in need of. In all we collected 169 boxes and they were sent off November the 19th. There are so many concepts and goals they wanted to achieve through the project.

   “My main goal was to give the children something of their own” Leadership Teacher, Melissa Haney said. “In third world countries they share soap, and bath water, rags, and even toothbrushes.”

   Through the project, the school wanted students to understand the lives of those in third world countries.

   “It’s hard because everyday we go down the street for our needs whether it’s for food or what we need for that day. For them, it’s five or six miles away and not easy for them to access.” Seventh grader, Caleb Perifoy said.”And if we get them their needs without them having to go miles, then it’s a win win.”

  The project made students more grateful for that they have, but at the same time want to be more giving to those who were in need.

   “When learning about the lives of others, my whole perception changed.” Seventh graders, Jacob Reeves said. “It made me feel like kinda grateful in a way for what I take advantage of.”

    The students at Spring Hill Junior High now have a whole new perception on the unprivileged. They know how others live day to day lives and ready to send off their Christmas Shoe Boxes to help lives.