Senior Night for all Panthers

The season is almost up and pretty soon our Class of 2020 will be heading out of the doors to only have their memories to look back on their high school years. 


“I’m going to miss my 2020 class because I have  been with them all my life.” Senior Erika Smallwood said,” We have been through the thick and thin together.”


Enough about memories, did you see the game? The winner of the game will receive 3rd seed and the loser will receive the 4th seed in the playoffs, but thanks to Gage White’s 236 yards of passing and a touchdown and the rest of the team working together the Panthers were able to beat the Pittsburgh  Pirates 28-14.


“We are very excited to make the playoffs it’s been  such a long time, Outside Linebacker, Brody Barnhill said, Who knows what will happen now.”


But that’s not all, the halftime show was really something to watch. The Pacesetters and their dads performed a dance to show off their skills.


 After the game, many seniors stayed and took pictures together. And to seal off the night the seniors locked arms and walked down the football field. Good Luck Senior can’t wait to see what you become in the future.