More than a win

XC Family

  Cross country is more than just a team of long distance runners, they are a family. Even through tough times and losses they are still there for each other.


  “After the crash, when i was in the hospital, the team lined the halls and came to visit me.” Coach Jordan Alford said, “ We’ve always ran for more than just the win.”


  Everyone enjoys the bonding experience, even those who haven’t ran with the team for long.


  “I enjoy building relationships [with the team] and seeing them succeed.” Coach Ashton Wells said, “I’ve learned a lot from the kids.”


  Through this year the team has been inspired to go further with their running career.


  “I love running,” freshman Jaden Giddings said “I really want to continue through college.”


  No matter what though the cross country team will support each other through thick and thin and work together as a family.


  “It was hard [not being able to communicate with the team],”  Coach Alford said, “[but] we don’t run for the title of winning we run for the experience of being together.”