Net Gains for Tennis

The Spring Hill High School tennis team has gone through many changes this year. They received a new coach, and lost many valuable players. But, everyone is still very excited for the start of a new season coming up in the spring. 

 “ I am looking forward to tennis starting this spring,“ 10th grader Kaylee Montgomery said, “Coach Stewart is a fantastic coach and works very hard to make us better.“

The new season is coming up soon. And the tennis team‘s goal is to make it to state. They all believe that they can do it.

 “The teams goal is to make it to state this year.” 10th grader Jayden Marsolan said, “We have a very talented team and with the hard work and good coaching we could definitely do it.”

 All of the tennis players are very excited for the new season to start. They are going to work their hardest and try their best to make the team the best that they can be.

“ I am really looking forward to this tennis season.“ 10th grader  Zack Couch said, “ A lot of the players have had to step up and play on a different level, I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us.”

The tennis season starts in spring. All of the tennis players are working very hard to make this the best Spring Hill High School tennis season yet.