Impeachment: A Process for Protection

On September 17, the house started the first impeachment hearing on President Donald Trump on the basis that the president sought political favors from Ukraine in return for necessary U.S financial and Military support. If this were the case, President Trump would be convicted of bribery, a constitutionally impeachable offense.

Many Republicans see this is a shameless move by Democrats to try to oust the president. Donald Trump himself is coining the impeachment as a battle of two ideologies. But there wasn’t any policy President Trump was arguing in his call with Ukraine, he was clearly only supporting his own self-interest, a move that is well defined by the constitution as corrupt.

It isn’t that radical to support anti-corruption action of any kind, our president is not above the law. If he did nothing wrong, he will not be convicted. If he did ask for the political favor, he is a corrupt President and will be treated as such. The impeachment process is not favoring one side over the other, it is taking necessary action to protect the integrity of our democracy.

When approaching either the impeachment process or the results of the trial, it is important to go into it with an open mind. In order for the President to remove from office, he will need to be convicted by both sides of the aisle. We must remember that the protection of Americans, democratic values is a notion both parties must hold and that all citizens of the united states must get behind.