Coach Wells sets a new pace for Panthers

Coach Wells is a new member to our campus she moved here after work in Sulphur  springs for 8years and she also worked in Winona last year before she made her transition to Spring Hill.This year she started a new challenge in her life she decided to coach a new sport she has never coach before  XC is what she went for but in order for her to coach a new sport she has to have some idea or experience before she became a coach she ran in highschool so she at least had an idea of the sport.

   “I learned a lot this year just being at the meets and from the kids as well,” CX Coach Wells said I push and encourage them to do their best, and support them however I can.She works with them in the morning before school starts @5 and she has them start their day off with a light run as a warm up.


  Coach Wells takes a lot of time out of her day to make sure her kids are healthy and well taken care of and are in shape she pushes them because she knows they have a lot more in them than what they put out she plushes them to help them succeed in running she wants them to get better every time and beating their person records.


  Cross country is different from the other sports I’ve coached, but there are similarities there as well,”XC Coach Wells said.It’s not easy to run a 5K offroad, so I just holler for them really loud, hoping that makes them run faster.Coach Wells is there to support all her kids and to build them up when there down and to help them in any way she can.



Coach Wells didn’t expect her first time coaching XC she would make it to state her first goal was to probably learn about it and help her kids and be a great leader for them and push them and help them achieve their goals in XC. The Spring HillHighschool is proud of all of our students we appreciate Coach Wells and all she does for our school and students it’s not everyday a new coach can come in and lead a team to state.


  I recently moved to Spring Hill and so far I have had a great experience,” Coach Wells said. “I love coaching and teaching these kids.”