Gratitude over gizmos

For students, Thanksgiving is a time to take a week off from school and eat lots of delicious food. However, Thanksgiving should be celebrated as a way to show gratitude for all of the things in your life. With the inclusion of service projects, young people and everyone alike should express how grateful they feel to their friends and families about ever and they good thing in their life. 

Nowadays, individuals are so focused on the negative aspects of life and often complain about not having every portion of life fulfilled to the max. Although it is impossible to look on the bright side one-hundred percent of the time, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to reflect back on the past and give thanks for everything that you had and everything that you overcame.

With our ever-evolving world, new gadgets, gizmos, and garments are introduced to the public left and right. Our society pressures and shames those who do not have the latest and greatest things, but it should be taken upon the individual to not ridicule themselves or their parents for their lack of luxurious items. Instead, individuals should embrace what they have even if it is not much.

 Clean water, electricity, cooked meals, and clothes are necessities that are well integrated into many people’s lives. However, it is not the case for millions of individuals around the world. Many people wonder where their next meal will come from when they can take a hot shower, when they can every drink clean water, yet those who are blessed with these things like to complain about an endless amount of things. Remember there are many people who are less fortunate than you-count your blessings.  

Always be grateful for every single thing, despite how little significance it holds to you because there is value to each and everything in this world. This Thanksgiving break, and every succeeding year remember to hold those dear to you very close and give thanks for the life that you have.