Athletic Trainers take playoffs seriously

For the first time in over 10 years Spring Hill High School has made it to the playoffs. This is Karyssa Cook’s first year with our boys,  the only senior on the student athletic training team.

 I asked her how she felt about our team going to the playoffs and she said,”Oh, it makes me so happy that our school is going to playoffs.” With a big smile on her face. This is her senior year her last year to be out there with the guys on the sideline, I asked her how that makes her feel and she responded , “I’m so glad that for my senior year im getting to watch my school break records but most of all I love watching my friends play their hearts out on that field ” This year the boys have been working very hard for where they are right now the fans and parents can’t wait for this friday night playoff game . 

On Friday November 15 on our first playoff game in over 10 years we played against  Caddo Mills we won with a score of 12 – 23 !!! This is a big deal to the panthers we can’t wait for this friday night to play our next round of playoffs.

 This is also coach Billingslea first time going to playoffs with the boys for as long as she has been working at spring hill. She had something to say for the seniors she said, “The seniors this year leaving will be hard for me , I have been with them for 4 yeas and watched them struggle and fight through adversity.” then she added, “A lot of these senior football players have become like children to me and I love them.” I asked her how she feels about making it to playoffs she said,”Making it to the playoffs in the first place is a huge accomplishment and exactly what they have been working for” Then she added ,”I am so excited to get to work with them through this season and watching them have some success is even more fun!”