Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. This is a month to make people aware of diabetes and the complications associated with the syndrome. It also helps to educate the public about signs and symptoms that could be a matter of life or death. 

A major complication is vision. Diabetes can cause you to go blind. The small blood vessels in your retina can swell and cause your vision to go blurry.

” Your eye fills up with blood and you cant see threw it.” Ray Laws said,” They go in with laser surgery and goes in a cauterizes all abnormal blood vessels.”

Diabetes affects your daily life. Everything you do revolves around your blood sugars and how much insulin you need.

”Before I got my meter I had to give myself six shots a day,” Ray Laws said,” Now I just use my meter and it does it all for me.”

Diabetes awareness month is important to diabetics and maybe even people without it because it spreads awareness for diabetes.

”It’s very important to me because I feel like diabetics get to be recognized,” Freshman Shailyn Higginbotham said,” there’s a lot of people who don’t think its that serious.”

Before people with diabetes might not be in the best condition but when they get diagnosed they have to watch what they eat.

” I wasn’t exactly in good shape before,” Freshman Shailyn Higginbotham said, “I feel like it kinda keeps me more accountable for how I eat.”