Blue Brigade Celebrates Seniors


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Senior Blue Brigade member, Hope Haney and her parents are getting ready to walk down the Panther Stadium field at Senior Night.

Long and exciting football games, Monday night rehearsals, and preparing for competitions. It’s hard to say goodbye to the tight relationships and the hard work you put in. It’s about that time again where SHHS recognizes our seniors, but not just normal seniors, but the Blue Brigade Seniors. 

    Senior Night was held at the Panther Stadium on November 8th. The Springhill community came together to watch our soon to be graduated seniors get recognized, especially with a  closer look at a Blue Brigade Senior, Hope Haney. She has impacted and helped out the Spring Hill community in many ways.

    “Over the past four years, the Blue Brigade has changed my life. Being in the band has introduced me to my best friends ever, and taught me several life lessons,” Senior Hope Haney said. “ Senior Night was incredibly emotional me. The biggest reason it was so emotional, because as I was standing on the field and in the stands with my band family for the last time.”

   The Blue Brigade Seniors have a freshman. At the end of the year, the Seniors are paired with a Freshman. The Seniors help the freshman throughout the band year. During this period of time, many of the Seniors and freshmen develop a very tight friendship.

 “Hope is the band president, so she knows a lot about everything, so every time I ask a question, even if its a stupid question, she answers it and is really nice about it,” Freshman Blythe Davis said. “It was sad too celebrate Senior Night, but I’m glad shes able to go to college happy.” With a laugh, “I think she should stay another 5 years.” 

      Growing up with your best friend, then having to say goodbye is hard. Sisters have a very close relationship, but not as close as these two. “As a freshman in the Blue Brigade, I had a hard time making friends. It was Hope who was there to sit by me on the bus, or talk to Mr. Kiser when I was afraid too,” Sophmore Hannah Haney said. “It feels nice to be able to share the wins of our band program. Realizing that it was our last time marching on the field at Senior Night made me cry.”