Emily Cook is grateful for all the support (Photographer: Khounnor Pannell )
Emily Cook is grateful for all the support

Photographer: Khounnor Pannell

Senior Night: Panthers Prowl

Traditions run deep at SHHS

November 22, 2019

The senior athletes of Spring Hill High School honor the tradition of the Panther Prowl, where seniors line up at one end zone and walk with linked arms to the other end to symbolize their last prowl down the field.

Athletes, band, Pacesetters, and Cheer all give special recognition to the senior members of their organization with introductions and awards. Students are escorted onto the field by their parents.


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Seniors Shine

To make seniors feel special we dedicate a night to show them and all of their accomplishments off. The last home football game at Panther stadium of the year on Nov 8 was dedicated to all the seniors involved in the football games.

“It’s been a really sad night for all the seniors” Senior band member Karlie Linthicum said, “but I’m glad to have made many memories with all of these people”

Seniors are feeling emotional but have enjoyed all of their years being a part of the Friday night lights.

“The parents, boosters and staff really went above and beyond to make us seniors feel special on this night” senior band member Krista Pleasant said, “We really appreciate everything they have done for us.”

Many were involved in making this night truly special to the seniors.

“With the recognition of us all before the game, and a video made by a few of our senior band members really made us feel special” Senior band member Karlie Linthicum said, “It was something we will always remember.”

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