Spring Hill students remember Carthage today

We wear red for support


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Following the planned events announced Friday, Spring Hill High School provided solidarity for fellow East Texas school, Carthage, after the tragic loss of one of their students. Monday, November 18th, Spring Hill leadership and student council groups taught a lesson on ATV safety over the announcements, educating the student body and faculty on the sorrowful reality of operating the machinery.

“Listening to the announcements on ATV safety was shocking,” journalism adviser, Amy Blalock, said. “I did not realize how many deaths came from ATVs and it’s concerning to think that these recreational vehicles that so many of us operate can have that terrifying of an effect.”

Proceeding this lesson from Monday, the student body was asked to wear red, Bulldog colors, resulting in many Panthers shedding their traditional blue colors for red.

“I think wearing the red helps me to recognize the community behind everything,” sophomore Dylan Murdick said. “When one young person loses their life it makes us think about how precious and valuable life really is.”

While these events seem so minuscule in the larger picture, the unity behind the actions is immeasurable. Spring Hill will continue to offer their thoughts, prayers, and condolences even when the efforts are not on the front line. The blue hearts of Panther Nation bleed red for Carthage through these efforts and well wishes.