Primary “Pinks Out”

SHHS welcomed the Primary Campus on the morning of October 18th for an 8:30am Pep Rally. John Borens, emcee, reminded the crowd that these kiddos “are the future of Spring Hill.”

Decked in pink, the SH Varsity Cheer opened the rally with the fight song, followed by a roaring “Fight-Cancer-Fight” to a cadence that only Bryce Wallace and the Prec Mafia could resound. The Pacesetters wowed our young crowd with a pinked out routine to “Fight Song” in honor of Breast Cancer survivors. The SH Blue Brigade Flag and Twirl delighted the youngsters with pink flags and daring baton throws.

American State Bank awarded Gage White with the bronze Player of the Week trophy to top off the event. But, only after Gage and the team, along with Pack members, Cheerleaders, and Volleyball players participated in a Hula Hoop relay race with the primary campus attendees. The Pack came out victorious, winning the candy and the confetti treats.

Dr. Guidri and Mr. Robinett looked on as the Panthers once again proved why it is #BetterinBlue or today #PINK.

Join us tonight to cheer on the Panthers against Liberty Eyalu for district play. Kick off is at 7:30 pm. Bring your jackets and your Panther Spirit.