Casey Mudoh Homecoming Interview

Casey Mudoh has been a Panther since he transferred into SHISD in Junior High; only now, as a Senior, is he taking on the game of football. Sporting #12 on the field, Mudoh is excited to take on this new challenge and to be a part of the Panther Nation in a new way. Casey is not new to the sidelines, he has served as a sports medicine athletic trainer for the last three years. This experience, though not receiving the hits but caring for the aftermath, helps him know the ins and outs of the game. Casey is eager to be on the field this Homecoming rather than a spectator. The playing field is different when you actually have skin in the game.

“Football this year is a lot more personal for me.” Senior, Casey Mudoh said, “I remember thinking I didn’t care if we won or lost, but when you put in the work it changes your perception on the outcome of the game.” 

 Being apart of the team has shaped Casey into a hard worker and has made him ready to take on this season. 

PULL QUOTE   “I’m beyond excited to be playing this year!”

 “Sometimes I get a little frustrated because I’m further behind because it’s been so long since I played,” Senior Casey Mudoh said, “but I’m glad I’m getting a chance to play with my boys.” 

Putting in work and playing with teammates is not a new thing for Mudoh, he is an avid athlete. It has just never been with the pigskin. But he’s ready. 

“I think  playing this year has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.” Mudoh said, “The only thing that could make it better is if I would have been playing every year, but I’m happy I’m apart of it now.” 

Casey is using this opportunity to be the best athlete he can be and with his winning mentality he is working for a successful, fun, and memorable season. 

“The Homecoming game isn’t any different for me,” Mudoh said. “I want to win the game – like any other game-  and leave it all on the field.”