Coach Louvier Homecoming Interview


Homecoming isn’t the only word that starts with an “H”. It is all about the “HYPE”. While most of the student body is worried about mums and special plans, Athletic Director Jonathan Louvier is focused on just one thing: Spring Hill vs. Malakoff. With his players excited after coming off of two wins and the cheerleaders shining tiaras and picking out a formal gown, Louvier remains focused and proves that not everyone’s nerves are running wild, especially his and certainly not Malakoff’s. 


“Homecoming is just another game,” AD Louvier said, “ and the team is prepared and ready to face it head-on.” 


While the Panthers may be hungrier than ever after having an appetizer of victory against White Oak and Rusk, Louvier is steadfast in reminding players that this game will be hard-fought on both sides of the field and must be taken seriously. 


 “Malakoff is a skilled team,” Coach Jonathan Louvier said, “They will certainly be a challenge for us.”


Perception is key in taking these seemingly underdog Panthers to the playoffs. The record of the past few years can be seen as a predictor of the future or a challenge for the present. And Louvier seems to have that spirit and eagerness to adhere to the latter.


 “We’re improving every week,” Louvier said, “and facing teams like Malakoff will show us our strong points to build our foundation.” He added, “but more importantly,  they’ll show us where we need to improve.”


Even for the hyper-focused Louvier,  homecoming is much more than just a football game. Its a chance for students, teachers, parents, and alumni to represent our school and show their spirit. 


“Homecoming is a good experience for coaches and players alike,” He said.  “Although we want them focused on the game, the players should still have fun and enjoy their Homecoming.”


PULL QUOTE: “The game is important,” said Coach Jonathan Louvier, “but everyone should be excited about homecoming and not miss out on the fun.”