Bring Us the King!

Homecoming began for school alumni, all across the country, to have an opportunity to return and celebrate their heritage, however, modern schools have found a way to include current students in this alumni tradition: voting for Homecoming Queen and King. Throughout late August, students gathered in front of the cafeteria to select their class representatives who will walk on Homecoming night, participating in this annual tradition, but one thing was missing: a king option. “I don’t understand why we couldn’t have a Homecoming King,” Homecoming Queen Nominee Kaitryn Johnson said. “I believe the boys should be just as celebrated as the girls are during the Homecoming season.” 


The Homecoming court gets to dress up in decorous clothing every year and some of the male students want in on the festivities. “I definitely think it would be awesome to dress up in a nice suit and walk down the field,” junior Adrian Rodriguez said. “It would be a great memory to be able to look back on.” 


Whereas some students think it would be beneficial, or even fun, to have a Homecoming King, others understand why there is not that option. “I think it’d be good to give everyone a fair chance since it’s a notable accomplishment and an honor to be selected,” junior Bailey Ratcliff said. “but I can see why they don’t allow us to have one becasue there isn’t a [school] dance to go along with the title.”


Even if there is not a Homecoming King, at least we still get to celebrate the community and alumni. “I believe in my heart of hearts that Homecoming is a tradition meant to unite the community and bring families together,” Johnson said. “so I don’t see why we shouldn’t have boys nominated by their peers alongside girls.”