Homecoming Court

Story by: Julya Socoteanu, Yearbook Editor

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On Wednesday, August 28, students had the opportunity to vote for the 2019 homecoming court. Tables and computers were set up during all lunches. 

“Voting for homecoming court is definitely a highlight of everyone’s high school experience,” said junior Bailey Ratcliff. “Choosing girls from our grade to represent us as a class at homecoming creates a sense of unity.”

Interestingly, one of last year’s winners expressed that she would not want to participate again. 

“I don’t want people to vote for me again this year,” said junior, Grace Browder. “I’m taking on more advanced classes this year, and homecoming court took a lot of my time. I was constantly pulled out of class to be interviewed and take pictures. It was an honor, but time consuming when you have a lot on your plate.”

This year’s homecoming court participants are (freshmen) Amira Alexander, Halee Bray, and Linsdey Hall, (sophomores) Ale Guerrero and Maycee Buchanan, (juniors) Taylor Brewer and Samantha Schott, and (seniors) Ashlee Blake, Lexi Gossage, Zoe Goudarzi, Grace Iltis, Kaitryn Johnson, and J’Dee Stovall. Taylor is ready to take on the commitment. 

“It is an honor to be considered and recognized by your peers for the court. I am grateful to represent my class,” Taylor said. 

Spring Hill is looking forward to supporting the girls at the homecoming game on Friday, September 27.

“Everyone is excited to attend the homecoming game and see the court on the field. It is an event that definitely spurs school spirit,” Bailey said.