Senior Life

Through the Arms of a Senior

Entering the 2016-2017 school year as a freshman at Spring Hill High School, I felt as though I was a stranger walking amongst the general population of students. Coming into the 2019-2020 as a senior at Spring Hill High School, I have become an individual with my own perspective no longer completely conformed into the flow of what the general population thinks. With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom, having the title of ‘Senior in high school’ doesn’t necessarily entitle one to wisdom but it certainly grants them the proper knowledge to how to function in a school environment. I will be writing in this ‘Senior Life’ opinion piece for The Panther’s Paw online newspaper on a regular basis so if you are a senior and have advice you would like to give to underclassmen please follow this link. The goal of this recurring article is to spread the senior perspective to underclassmen, as well as spread the advice that comes with 3 years of high school experience.


Finding individuality is a task that many people struggle with. The need to fit in. The pressure to conform. Sometimes even condemnation of your own beliefs. As a senior I have come to realise that individuality is more important than any sort of ‘societal need to conform’. Individuality is what the universe is birthed from. A unicellular molecule splitting into 2 individual molecules is the theory of creation as per the Big Bang. The power of individuality is the force behind all of creation, and in life individuality can manifest in a seemingly infinite amount of forms. Separating what makes you you from what the societal perception of you is important in the progression and maturity of a human, but this task is difficult to even realise much less change. If you take one thing from this let it be this, be yourself.

2020, a year of perspective. What will the future hold? Where will I go? Am I ready for the ‘real world’? In the start of the first semester of senior year all of these thoughts have come to my head and it is really starting to set in that I need to prepare for the responsibilities that are in store for me after graduation. Though I need to prepare, I know that I am able to overcome any shortcoming that life throws at me. Walking through these halls as a senior who has been encapsulated by them for 3 years, I know that I am ready for what lies ahead. My destiny.