A Chemical Reaction


Mixing different colorful chemicals, weighing various materials, and recording observations for various labs has been the reality of Spring Hill’s science students this school year. Throughout the months of August and September, Mrs Gathright’s Chemistry students turned their attention to the lab, expanding their knowledge over the world of chemistry in the classroom, kick starting an interest in the subject early in the year. “We’ve already done a lot this year in chemistry” Junior Kirstin Saha said “I can feel myself learning more each day.”


Due to its alleged reputation of being a challenging class, incoming chemistry students had worried expectations about taking the course and the difficulties that would come along with it. “I heard a lot of people last year talk about chemistry,” Honors Chemistry Sophomore Ben Puckett said “I was kind of worried to go straight into it because it’s so different from biology but it hasn’t been as bad as people made it out to be.”


Even with the mixed feelings towards the course, students at the AP level have been enjoying the activities they participate in during the period, regardless of the workload that comes at that upper level. “We did a hydrate lab in early August,” Junior Julya Socoteanu said “doing the lab itself was fun and illustrated the topic really well. Afterwards, we had to do a write up over our observations that took some time but it was fine.”


Having three different levels of chemistry offered on campus, regulars, honors, and AP, students at Spring Hill are given various opportunities to experience chemistry at different levels that can help accelerate the idea of going into that field. “I’ve taken honors chemistry and am in AP right now,” Junior Brooke Ratcliff said “after taking the first year, I really gained an interest for the subject and found it interesting. I’m considering going to school to be a geochemist now.”


As the year progresses, ambition and aspiration are found amongst various students, creating optimism and desire early on. “I’m super excited to continue learning chemistry this year,” Junior Kirstin Saha said “I hope to become better at the subject and potentially become proficient enough so it comes in handy in my future.”