Snacking Our Way Through Summer!

Panthers opinions on summer snacks.

September 8, 2019

Summer gives you a lot of downtime to chill, hang out, but also to eat snacks to your heart’s desire. According to Fox News, four out of ten people in America spend about fifty dollars on snacks every week. Although it may not have been widely discussed, many Spring Hill High School students agree that eating snacks was a very important part of summer 2019.

 “[Snacks are] most definitely an important part of summer,” freshman Davion Simpson said. “I need them to survive.”

While almost all students agree that snacks are an important aspect of summer, everyone has a different favorite.

“Gummies,” freshman Sam Lepire said. “[I eat them] probably like three times a day.”

Not only are snacks consumed every day by most SHHS students, but several times every day. Some even say that they wish they could eat them more than they possibly ever could.

“I’d eat it every minute of the day,” freshman Andrew Northern said. “Ice cream is my favorite.”

While the word ‘snack’ may lead you to think of a variety of ‘junk food,’ it can also be referring to the variety of healthy foods. Many students actually prefer these healthy snacks over the common sugary ones.

“Have to be grapes,” Simpson said. “They’re easy to grab at any point and they’re really good.”

Being such a considerably large part of student’s summers, many students strongly believe that snacks should be eating regularly by everyone.

“If you aren’t snacking all summer long,” Simpson said. “You’re missing out, man.”

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