Moody returns home to his roots


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Michae Moody surveys the field before his first halftime performance at the helm of the Blue Brigade in Gladewater on August 30

Story by: Gracie Sist, Staff Writer

Change is inevitable as we live and grow; change is not always easy. But Spring Hill High School’s new band executive thinks this change, the Blue Brigade getting a new director and Spring Hill gaining a new Fine Arts coordinator, was meant to be. 

Change is often really just a matter of choice, and this life offers us many opportunities to choose change. Michael Moody was grieving the loss of his mentor, previous Kilgore College band executive, Glenn Wells when he got a call offering just such a change. As he was leaving the memorial service and contemplating his own fate, the phone rang. The Blue Brigade needed a new leader. A perfect chance for Moody to return to his Alma Matter and make a positive change for himself and for Spring Hill. And now, the choice… Moody accepted the position. 

“I truly accept this activity was given to me by a higher calling,” director Michael Moody said.  

Moody is well qualified for the job. He went to Panola College for a year on a band grant, then transferred to Kilgore College and finished his undergraduate work at Stephen F. Austin State University. Music was something Moody where has a natural gift and an ability to share the gift with others.  

“It (music) has constantly sort of come simple to me,” he said. “When I got into it, I just said I would try it out. I tried it out, and here I am 22 years after the fact.” 

His experience has taken him to numerous East Texas schools. His resume includes Longview, Pine Tree, Henderson, Gladewater, and New Diana ISDs. But, Moody says being a Spring Hill High School graduate and coming back to lead the band is at the top of his long list of experiences.

” When I was in school the network (band) was not all that huge, the band was not so enormous,” leader Moody said. “The program has truly developed and has had huge amounts of progress.”

Moody is determined to keep that forward momentum.

“I’m truly eager to be here,” he said. “Rest is not an option. I plan to keep the extraordinary customs they have here with the Blue Brigade.” 

Superintendent Wayne Guidry said his job is to seek out individuals who buckle down and love kids. He said Moody fits that description. 

“He’s a remarkable individual,” Guidry said. “Children truly cherish him, and he is a diligent employee.” 

Moody is excited to be home and The Blue Brigade is now under the leadership of “one of their own” and it looks like he is here for the duration.

” I truly hope this will be the last stop in my educating vocation.”