Summer Work, To Do or Not To Do?

Is summer work really necessary?

September 6, 2019

For the four in ten american’s intending to take a “summer vacation,” there’s an alternative. 

For the twelve thousand summer camps that intend to host over eleven million american attendants, for the business’ that make a net $2,297,100,000 in gross production off teenagers per week during the summer months, for the children at home sleeping till twelve, staring mindlessly at the four walls around them and repeating the cycle tomorrow, there’s an alternative.

Undoubtedly, Spring Hill students have a rocky relationship with summer work. The highly competitive student body has been taking an increasing number of AP classes, and with this extra work comes a rising amount of weight on students’ free time. 

“If it weren’t for summer work, I’d be doing what I wanted,” sophomore Ben Puckett said. “It’s so easy it’s beneficial to my grades, that’s really it.”

Perhaps it should be taken into consideration that Ben Puckett is at the top of his class, and that not every student would use their free time as wisley as him. Marshall Bodenheimer, who is at the top of the junior class, shares a similar problem.

“If I didn’t have summer work I’d read books I actually enjoy.” Bodenhiemer said. “It’s stuff we know how to do anyways.”

But teachers typically don’t view summer work through this lens. Generally speaking, summer work can take the ease off the extreme workload of AP classes.

“Because of the expansive content, it helps us cover everything we need to get done.” APUSH and WHAP teacher Emmie Drueckhammer said. “It helps students stay in the AP mindset.”

Though some students may see summer work on an unnecessary impediment on their summer vacation, not every student can be expected to further their education without school aid. For this reason summer work seems to be an apt method of preparing students for the upcoming school year. 

“It’s a necessary evil,” Drueckhammer said. “Drop the class if you feel that passionate.”

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