Bryce Wallace, J’Dee Stovall, Grace Iltis, and Jake Buckaloo smile before the performance (Photographer: Amy Blalock)
Bryce Wallace, J’Dee Stovall, Grace Iltis, and Jake Buckaloo smile before the performance

Photographer: Amy Blalock

Blue Brigade springs into song

Spring concert entertains a full house

May 7, 2019

The Blue Brigade welcomes spring with a song on May 2, 2019, with the annual Spring Concert. The event showcased the talents from all SHISD bands. The auditorium was packed as parents, community members, and peers anticipating the toe-tapping performances. And, they were not let down.

The May 2 show began with the 6th-grade beginner band under the direction of Mr. Jacob Pipak, along with Lauren Kylberg and Ronnie Godfrey. Students played like pros. It was an impressive sight to see and a delight to hear. After a piece from “How to Train Your Dragon”, the Junior Varsity Band took center stage earning cheers from the crowd while masterfully playing a piece from “The Greatest Showman”. Mr. Pipak expressed gratitude to the district and the administration, but especially to the students for their hard work. Click here for a slideshow of the evening

Amy Blalock

“I promised I wouldn’t talk long,” Director Pipak said, “But I have to tell you how proud I am of these students. This is a 4A contest piece and they have executed it with skill.”

The Varsity Band is always a showcase for SHHS. The Blue Brigade is award-winning in all aspects: marching, jazz, performance, ensemble, and soloist. The group, under the direction of Randy Kiser, has marched their way into state finalist position for UIL Marching. They have taken first place in 4A NAMMB conference competitions, and they are very competitive in the ATSSB OPS series. In addition, the Jazz band played on a cruise line this Spring Break, by invitation.

Two members, Harrison Pecot and Aaron Milam, are both recognized as All-State Band members.

This performance was bittersweet for the 23 Seniors taking the stage for the last time, but the promise of the beginning band ensures a strong future for the Blue Brigade.

Amy Blalock
6th grade band shows promise for tomorrow.

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