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Voices of Freedom

Inspiration for all Americans

February 22, 2019

The Panther Press spent the last two weeks learning the ins and outs of several Adobe programs, including Photoshop and Spark. Students used images found on the internet and changed the color and blur to create inspirational posters, complete with quotes and attributes, for display from Feb 25-March 5 outside of Room 202B. The poster were decoupaged onto black canvas for composition and presentation.

“I enjoyed learning about civil rights and seeing how positive things can happen even in bad situations,”sophomore Gracie Sist said.” My favorite thing we did was the personality test. It showed me more about the content of my character.”

Students learned not only about Black History but also about the civil rights issues that are still being debated today.

“I can’t believe no one stands up for the rights of the unborn,” junior Gavin Nuggent said. ” Abortion, especially these late term abortions, should be unconstitutional. The right of the child should be heard.”

Teachers are invited to bring classes through the display and to contribute any ideas or thoughts to rights and liberties anytime between now and March 5.

“We learned that history is not just “black” and “white” but that success and failure comes in all shapes and colors in the forming of these United States,”journalism adviser Amy Blalock, said, “We hope you stop by and see our hard work, but also think about how lucky you are to be an American where you have Rights and Liberties.”






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