Civil Rights in America

Constitutional Literacy at SHHS

February 21, 2019

The Panther’s Paw Press has been busy this February. Civil Rights is not as “black and white” as it may seem. As journalist, the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are not only valued rights, but the premise of our voice and the drive behind our purpose. It is important, that all Americans understand that Freedom of the Press was included as a constitutional right for the protection of the people. It is a right of the people to know what is happening in the government. And it is the job of the press to keep the government transparent and honest in her undertakings on behalf of her people.  This sacred right has been under fire lately with all the talk of “fake news” and the litany of editorializing being presented on all channels as hard news.  First of all, the right to Freedom of Press is not what is under scrutiny. It is the civil liberties of the journalist and even of the politicians that are in question today. So, what is the difference? The Panther Press has used Adobe Spark, Photoshop and other design tools to help educate you, the consumer of the news, on this important difference. Please see the gallery attached on the differences between rights and liberties.


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