UIL Teams ready to Compete

UIL Teams ready to Compete

Story by: Judson Warren, Staff writer


Spring Hill High School is known for many things, band in particular, but one thing that most people don’t pay much attention to is the UIL teams. UIL, short for university interscholastic league, is a student competition which meets every year for the students to compete. There was a meet at Pine Tree High School on January 5, 2015, in which several events competed, such as feature, hard news, and headline writing, along with, of course, with many more.

Sofia Villarreal, 9, said “I don’t feel very optimistic about the results, but i feel there is room for improvement.” Many of the other freshmen didn’t feel optimistic about results, as this was their first year competing, but upperclassmen felt optimistic for themselves, such as Brooke Bagley, who was eager to compete.

One of the UIL coordinators, Amy Blalock, said her teams, those related to journalism, “did great for their first competition.” she also said “All team members have made improvements, but I am especially proud of the freshmen who stepped up to enter contests with a “can do” attitude.” She was proud that they tried to do their best, many of whom were doing it for their first time, such as Brooke Bagley, 12, who isn’t even in the journalism class.

The next UIL event is on February 16, in Hallsville. “We will definitely be more competitive next time,” said Amy. “We prepare by doing practice prompts, learning format, and writing for the school newspaper.”