Candy Grams Set to Be Delivered February 14th

Buy yours Feb 4-12


Photographer: Kirsten Saha and Daniela Ventura

Blalock displays Candy Grams in her room this week to generate excitement about the sale.

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

Get ready for the newest fundraiser. Starting February 4th,  Spring Hill Journalism classes will begin selling Candy Grams. This is a great fundraiser with a great cause. From February 4th through the 12th in the school cafeteria, the classes will be giving out Candy with personal messages attached to them. This will benefit funding the great Journalism classes. You could buy a piece of candy with a written note of personal choice. Also, you could get a stuffed animal, that is specialized for valentines day. Or perhaps a heart shaped box filled with chocolates is more your style. These all are ONLY $2. And for an extra dollar, you could add a hallmark card. These gifts will be brought to that special someone you requested it to be delivered to- anonymous or not. They will be delivered on Thursday, February 14th, during 4th and 5th period.

This fundraiser is invoking positive reception through students, as stated by freshman Connor Davis.“I feel like this is a great idea,” says Connor Davis. He also goes on to more in depth description of why he feels this is a great idea. “I think this could get people out of their comfort zone,” added Davis. This will definitely get people out of their comfort zone, because the usual way people talk to their crush is through their phone. However, with this Candy Gram, people are sending candy, stuffed animals, or boxes of chocolates to their crush. Even if they opt to remain anonymous, it’s a step up in the right direction. “This will help definitely, we could further expand this in the future. But for right now this is great,” Davis concluded.

Adding new fundraisers, can always get students happy. They also get more students involved. Freshman Ashton Thomas has some positive things also to say about the Candy Gram.“This Candy Gram will be pretty good in my opinion,” says Ashton Thomas. From the select few student that I interviewed it seems like there is an overall positive view about the Candy Gram. “The great part about this is that we’re going to be able to express ourselves with candy, etc. to our crushes, or special people. Yes I’m supporting this,” Thomas added. His quote revealed that some people are looking into this as also a learning experience. “I will be participating,” Thomas concluded.

New ideas for school improvement are always great. It can change schools outlooks on certain things. It could very well change the school with positive things for years to come. Freshman Christian Gonzales shares the same viewpoint.“This is a great idea for Spring Hill,” said Christian Gonzales. “This is bringing a new idea, and a new wave of ideas for Spring Hill, which is great.” Gonzales added. The Candy Gram can do just that, which is not only bring one new idea to this school, but it can bring a whole new wave of ideas, like Christian Gonzales said. By just including a new fundraiser to this school can might as well change the future for the better.

This fundraiser has multiple benefits, which is great. Not only is it benefitting valentines day, for people talking to their special someone. This is benefitting journalism classes too. When you buy a Candy Gram you’re not only benefiting yourself, you’re funding journalism classes. These purchases will go to funding the journalism classes. This will help the future of the yearbook, and help the next generation of writers. You’ll be bringing Spring Hill into even brighter opportunities. As with the journalism classes, becoming more advanced with more funding, this will provide more successful writers. So go on out, get out of your comfort zone, and buy a Candy Gram.