Popular Tech Gifts


Photographer: Kourtlyn Williams

Story by: Kourtlyn Williams, Staff Writer

 Christmas is right around the corner. It’s a time of giving gifts. Electronics are popular on everyone’s list. On Christmas many children and, some adults want electronics, so they can keep up with the latest trends. According to prime8.com some of the coolest gadgets that are going to sell out this year are Photostick, Peeps, and Crash Safe.

  “I want a Tile for Christmas,” Mrs.Blalock said “It is Bluetooth and if you connect it to your keys it’ll help you find them”. Technology has come a long way and most people find it easy to use.

   “I would give my little brother an Xbox controller,” sophomore Gracie Sist said “Because the one he has now is disgusting”. There are a lot of technology gifts that you can give and people would be satisfied it doesn’t always have to be a device that you can speak or text on.

    “I would want airpods,” senior Yaneli Vega said “I find them more manageable than regular earbuds”. “I would want a new Apple Watch,” sophomore Najah Jackson said.

     “I would want an iPhone X for Christmas,” freshman Jacaleb Canada said. Apple products are very popular now and if you don’t have Apple products than you are behind the times.

  “What I would want most is a FLIR infrared camera,” Mr. Biles said “Because it is really cool and I could use it for my Astronomy classes”.

Lots of technology is used every day and it would make a great gift.