Resolution Renaissance

Many people resolve to work out and lift weights for the New Year.

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Many people resolve to work out and lift weights for the New Year.

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Nowadays people have stopped making the resolutions, because they set themselves up for failure with unreachable goals. Stuff like they want to have a 400 pound bench in one year when they are at 225. You would have to work for many years for something like that.

“I want to gain muscle,” said Mrs. Blalock, journalism teacher. “ So I will start lifting at least three days-a-week.” One of the main resolutions is to get stronger, which is not bad, but most people set unreachable expectations. People like to get stronger, but others like to get their grades up.

“I hope to get pretty much perfect grades,” Jacob Donahue, freshman,” I want to get my GPA up to a 4.55.” Helping people to reach their goals is important for some. In the weight room you sometimes need the help.

“I need to get stronger,” said Dylan Murdick, freshman, “I need to get bigger muscles.” There are athletes that take it out of the weight room and onto the field. Some underclassmen  that are going for varsity say they have to work harder than the upperclassmen.

“ I am trying to get onto the Varsity baseball team,” Kelan McKay, sophomore, “ I need to be on Varsity, so I can be better than I am right now.” Goals like this need determination, they have to be able to work until they can achieve their visions and focus on their end goal.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book,” Brad Paisley, musician, “Make it a good one.”