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All you need to know for your second semester schedule

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The First semester ends on December 21st, and the second semester starts when we get back from Christmas break on January 8, 2019. Some students are starting to get concerned about changing their schedule.

If you want a schedule change, you’re going to have to talk to your parents about it and get them to contact the school. Schedules will only be changed due to error or graduation requirements. “I feel that schedule changes should be approved by the teacher for a student to come into a class or to leave,” Mrs. Blalock says. Students were also interviewed on how they felt about schedule changes and if they plan on changing it or not. Grace Rose, freshman said, “No, I don’t plan on changing my schedule, because I enjoy my classes.” She also added, “My teachers are great!”

Another student was asked if he was planning to change his schedule or not. Jathan Williams, freshman, said, “No, I don’t have anything to change.” One of the administrators was asked how she felt about schedule changes as well. Mrs. Tidwell, Assistant Principal said, “We strive to accommodate every student. Our goal is to meet each individual’s needs.” She also added, “However, this must be done within the 5 day window or we will not be able to help.”

There are many opinions on schedule changes. Several people are settled with their schedules, but some may still need extra assistance. Talk to any office administrator if you have any questions or concerns.