New Year, New Schedule

Changes for 2019

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This semester is coming to an end and with it, students will have the opportunity to change their schedule.

New schedules will be handed out on January 8th, 2019 outside of the gym. At that time, students must follow that given schedule, and if a change is necessary or needed, they must sign up outside of the counselor’s office.

“Parents (not students) need to send a schedule change request to me or Ms. Bowles via email as soon as possible- even if it is during the break”, Mrs. Childers, 10th and 12th grade counselor said. “Requests that are honored will be reflected on the new schedules that are to be handed out on the morning of January 8th.

Based on what the school counselors have said, students will not be granted a change just because they want one. Instead, the counselors will only change a student’s schedule if absolutely necessary. Even though this is a rule, students still think schedule changes are a great idea.

“I think it’s a great thing for students to be able to add more flexibility to their schedule”, Colten Willstead, 10 . He won’t be changing any of his classes however, because he says, “I like all my 2nd semester classes. Why would I change them?”

A majority of students like the idea of being able to change their schedule, but from what they have said, and the rules that the counselors have laid out, most won’t be able to change their schedule, or just don’t want to do so.

Some students don’t oppose the idea of schedule changes, but feel as if they won’t ever affect them. “I won’t be changing any of my classes. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t”, Jacob Brewer,10. “I’m not really sure how it all applies to me.”

It seems some students have no clue on how the schedule changes affect them. Some teachers also have their own opinion on the schedule changes.

“If I’m being honest, I don’t really care”, Mrs. Smith, the theater teacher says. She explained, “If students want in or out of my class, who am I to stop them? I don’t want to waste my time teaching someone who doesn’t want to learn.”

Even with all the restrictions set in place for schedule changes, still, students think it’s a great idea and a good privilege, even if it doesn’t affect them whatsoever.

“We strive to accommodate every student. Our goal is to meet each individual’s needs. However, this must be done in the 5 day window or we will not be able to help.” Melinda Tidwell, Assistant Principal says, reminding everyone to put in their requests sooner rather than later, or else they won’t be able to help.