Big Dreams for One Act Play


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Jacob Donohue also performs on stage as well as being a stage manager

Once again, Spring Hill’s theatre department is ready to shine on the stage. One Act Play comes around every spring, and our actors are already preparing. Auditions were held last week, and the cast list has been announced (listed below). Seth Pasel, a senior portraying Dwight L. Moody, is excited for this year’s competition. He notes the department’s strengths, saying, “The cast has a really good dynamic this year. We have talented seniors, and we are excited for the freshmen to experience high school OAP.” On stage, the cast is already rehearsing lines and blocking for their play, Ville du Havre. Behind the scenes, the crew is busy putting together the set, costumes, and sound effects. The theatre department has big dreams for this year, and they are ready to put forth the effort to bring those dreams to reality.

The stage manager, Jacob Donahue, says the play is unique because “although it is a tragedy, Ville du Havre teaches life lessons. No one walks away without their perspective on life changed forever.” Seniors Jacob Lewis and Emily Riddle will perform as the two leads in Ville du Havre. The play follows Horatio Spafford, a wealthy lawyer living in Chicago. His life seems to fall apart when his son, Junior dies of scarlet fever. Soon after, fires sweeps across the city, stealing away the family’s wealth. Along with his wife, Anna and their two daughters, Horatio plans to sail to England for a break from all the tragedy. They hope to meet the evangelist Dwight L. Moody. However, Horatio is unable to accompany his family due to last minute circumstances, and he stays in America. While Anna and the girls are sailing overseas on the Ville du Havre, their ship runs into a trading vessel and sinks. Both of the girls die, but Anna makes it to England. While Horatio is sailing to meet his wife in England, the captain points out the very spot the Ville du Havre sank. The man is moved, and writes a poem that will become the famous hymn, “It is Well”.

A play cannot succeed without an amazing crew. Jacob Donahue will serve as the stage manager, keeping things in order. Regarding competition, he said, “I am looking forward to working with the others in order to achieve a common goal. I believe I have the ability to coordinate the team well.” Dylan Freeman is the set designer. He and the rest of the crew are busy building and finding set pieces to set the scene for Ville du Havre. Katie Fields and Kelsea Langley are putting together costumes for the actors.

Spring Hill is excited to see the cast and crew’s hard work come alive on stage. Every person is devoting time, effort, and skills to preparing for One Act Play. Spring Hill’s theatre department is making their dreams for the stage come true, and the Panthers are supporting them every step of the way.