Exemption Policy Provides Relief to Juniors and Seniors

One in five teens, 20% qualify as clinically depressed. These are high statistics for high school students. Many students deal with depression from home life, relationships, and school. Therefore, juniors and seniors are allowed to exempt final exams as long as curtain requirements are met; Such as, perfect attendance and good grades. This policy works effectively and encourages students to stay in school and keep grades high.

Juniors and seniors often tend to work ten times as hard as freshman and sophomores because they have to consider their GPAs and college applications. Juniors work hard because the difficulty of classes go up and most school work starts preparing you for college. One in every four students are taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes to boost GPAs. The downside of AP classes is that it increases the amount of homework from one  hour to four to five hours of homework per night. The juniors and seniors of Spring Hill High School believe those who work diligently toward their education deserve a break from exams because it helps to reduce the amount of stress placed on them. Plus, AP requires an exam at the end of the year for college credit no need for two exams.

The junior year can often prove to be the most stressful and the most difficult year. Grades begin to matter, causing stress levels to elevate. Also, expectations continue to rise. Freshman and sophomore year matter but there is not as much pressure and expectation placed on them. Upperclassmen are ten times more stressed than underclassmen.

Underclassmen may not see this as unfair. There are a few reasons why they have to take exams. It prepares them for college and helps recall things which is needed for the STAAR tests which juniors and seniors have already taken. Even though underclassmen complain and whine about the conditions, it gives great experience and preparation.

Exemptions are given to upperclassmen as a kind of stress relief because advanced classes are hard. With exemptions, it gives a chance to de-stress and it normally takes a load of worry off the backs of upperclassmen. Don’t change the system! Laissez-faire if it’s not broke don’t fix it!