Christmas Is About Family

Humility starts with the Holy Family and ends with You and Yours

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

There’s a big problem going around the entire world. Christmas is becoming too commercialized, we have lost sight of the true meaning. This should be completely changed!

First of all, family is one of the most important things in life. Some of the best family memories are around the Christmas tree. Grown ups still think about that one special morning, they rushed into the living room to open their presents. As they opened the presents they were surrounded by warm, inviting smiles from their family. They laughed, and talked for hours and hours. Family will always be there for you, and will also make Christmas memories that will last a lifetime! However, with Christmas becoming more and more commercialized, more kids and adults only care about the presents. They don’t have any real family interaction, they rush to open presents. After rushing to open the presents kids run off to their rooms, without thanking their parents and not even sharing a memory with their parents. And parents go on with their normal lives, not caring that it’s one of the most important times of the year! If we can change this, we will be able to make better family memories, for families around the world! The overall wholesome appeal to Christmas is also lost! By wholesome I mean, happiness and joy through people. Families all together by the Christmas tree. Warm dinner, and just overall joy! This picture of Christmas is completely lost! Now today it is all about the materialistic items. Now this doesn’t mean get rid of presents. There should always be presents, it’s Christmas tradition to have presents under the tree. However, Christmas is also about the warm and inviting feeling of having the entire family around the tree. Seeing the reactions of the kids and parents. And just having an overall happy feeling. Not only will having a more humble Christmas bring better family memories, it will bring overall better memories that could last a lifetime. As a kid, the rush of excitement of opening the present you’ve always wanted. Then showing it off to all of your friends at school. And as an adult, seeing the happiness of your kids. Just feeling all together as a family. Regardless of age you’ll remember these memories for the rest of your life. The whole vibe, and look of Christmas should be brought down to more humble roots.

What we need to do is quit buying into the commercialism and advertisements. All of these are just greedy companies that only care about your money and don’t care about the family aspect of Christmas, even though they throw a family scene in once and a while. We should pay more attention to the more humble, and respectful advertisements. Also, get out as a community and do more community events that bring people together. Show more of families talking and laughing. And we should just be happier as a community.

Christmas is too materialized and we should change that. People, let’s get together! Christmas is more than presents.