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Freshman Judson Warren, Dylan Murdick, Grace Rose. Sophia Villareal, Dominic Alexander share a Christmas smile and focus on being 100% accountable during this season

Photographer: Amy Blalock

Christmas: A Time for Giving of Self and Service; Not Just Gifts

December 19, 2018

Christmas is too commercialized. It is a battle cry heard from people all the time, especially those in generations older than mine. It’s all about shopping, consuming trends, and the rush of the season. Rarely does poor baby Jesus even get a shout out. 

But the truth is, that most people today don’t believe in anything. Let’s be honest, most teens today only care about themselves; self-worth is defined by their social status and how many likes they get on social media. They are not getting the message from church and family about their worth in being created perfect in His image and about putting others before self. It seems parents don’t care enough to teach them the Absolute Truths, but they sure complain about them not knowing moral values or not having them. It isn’t magic. Kids don’t just know this stuff. 

Or even worse, Parents have cared so much about making their kids go to church and worship that it makes the kids rebel even more. Church is the last place you will find them, much less practicing the acts of Christian discipleship in their daily lives. If kids don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas, there is no surprise that gifts and greed are all they want. And, people, we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

How much time to you give at your home to the Bible, sharing your faith, and discussing virtues like prudence and temperance? Now compare that to how much time is given to your appearance, your iPhone, and watching Netflix. Is there any wonder the “reason for the season” is lost?

Additionally, when is the last time you saw a commercial for church or doing good? But I bet you can recall a commercial for sexy clothes, beer, and Black Friday sales.  Kids watch television. That’s how they learn about all the toys their parents can buy them. Maybe if church commercials or anything related to the true meaning of Christmas was broadcast, then kids would have a fighting chance to understand. Even better, parents, how about you turn off the hot spot and turn on a conversation about what is important to you and why.

So, stop the complaining about people not understanding the true meaning of this sacred holiday and do something productive to let them know. Our mindset is 100% accountability. Let’s stop complaining and nagging about what is broken with this fallen world and do something to make it a better place. Be accountable. Christmas is not an obligation to gifts and debt, but an obligation to gratitude and praise for The Gift, the one that makes forgiveness possible for us all, Jesus. 


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