October’s Panther of the Month- Grace Iltis

Abigail Wallace, Staff Writer

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Junior Grace Iltis was nominated by her art teacher, Mr. Dunn, to be the Panther of the Month. He nominated her because she works hard in his class, and she’s very polite; Grace was flattered by this comment, because she respects Mr. Dunn and values his opinion.

When asked, Grace said, “I enjoyed my month of fame. Especially because of Mrs. Druckhammer. Mrs. Druckhammer, APUSH teacher at Spring Hill High School, always supports the Panther of the Month. She recognizes them in class and has students give them applause. Grace gave some input on how everyone should act to honor our school, “Everyone, whether they be the student of the month or not,  should act like they are, because that would make our campus a better place and the attitudes of everyone would be improved.” She also gave advice to anyone who wants to be the next Panther of the Month. She said that you should treat everyone with respect, work hard, and always be positive.

“Thank you very much for nominating me; it has been great! You are a very hard-working teacher, and if there could be a teacher of the month I would nominate you every time,” Grace shared about her gratitude. Well, Grace, the Panther’s Paw Press does feature a “Heart of the Panther” each month and Mr. Dunn was the teacher recognized in October. Check out his story in the archives.

Panthers, Always remember that you need to be kind, help others, and be the best person you can be. We do this because we are Panthers- not for the fame, but recognition is always nice. If you know a Panther that shines, please tell Mr. Robinett. Mail any recommendations to [email protected].