Online Learning

Story by: Chris Woodson, Newspaper Editor

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Online learning has had a massive revolution within the last 5 years. This generation has grown to replace the chalkboard with a smart board, paper with computers, and even grades are entered on computers now. Obviously this trend towards online learning will continue as technology continues to advance, offering more use in the classroom.

The usefulness of technology within the classroom has been riddled in controversial debate, but it is no doubt that some technology is helpful and nearly required. Imagine a math class with no calculators, there ceases to be a math class. If a class does not use google classroom it still functions as a class. Some technology is useful, too much is distracting. Finding the line between not enough technology and too much can be difficult, and this is the debate that teachers around the world seem to be having.

As a student I can say technology has helped me monumentally in my academic life. Without technology I wouldn’t be able to write or publish this article as we rely on technology to publish and access our newspaper. Looking at this issue as a student, I would encourage schools to work to adapt with the technological advancements of the ages and implement them with our current learning systems. Certainly many schools and students alike agree as the implementation of Google Classroom is a worldwide phenomenon. Technology is no doubt a gift for mankind, but is it a gift to the classroom?